Participating markets ; what is progress?


On August 19th (Saturday) and the 20th (Sunday) , Hsieying Illustration debuted her first market in The boulevard,Publika. Despite being nervous in the beginning of the event, I seem to handle myself well. Time passed without me knowing when is lunch. Nervousness, excitement, exhilarating times had occupied around my mind to think otherwise.

Hats off to the vendors who has been in this market scene for a long time. Being in my booth for more than 10 hours is very tiring.

What I've learned from this market is 'progress'.

Self reflection on how far I have come from 'just a hobby' into a commitment I've kept as a career I'm currently pursuing. Progress on self confidence. I no longer feel as afraid of other comments regarding my paintings. A tad proud of them to show around but mindful to be humble always. Sincerity. I am beyond humbled to have people come to me and they tell me how they liked my works. How words can just make my day so easily I wonder.

Participating markets is always a good experience, rather a great fuel for my favourite hobby - people watching. To all my friends who came by for a visit - Thank you. Lyn, Elaine and Ming, Without you ladies I don't think I ever can kept my composure well. To new vendor friends, Ling, audrey, kahyan, sue ann ; it's been a great pleasure to have great conversations within the weekend. And to all the people who bought a print or two, you have a piece of my life in there. Not just a painting. But my life on a painting.


Day 2 on the Artforgrabs event.

Day 2 on the Artforgrabs event.

Inside my sketchbook + life updates

Some snippets from my sketchbook, which took me awhile to complete. Portrait sketching is one of my favourite hobby before my watercolour journey and it still is. Although I might need more practice in understanding the facial muscle to make it look decent. 


I used reference of course! Else I'd be crazy to be able to draw these lol

Drawing portraits also helped my observation. And I found out that there are alot of blue shades used.




How are you?

It has been months since I've posted a blog post. To sum it up, it has been a roller-coaster. A big change in a city I have yet to visit for a year. Somewhat overwhelmed with different culture than in Brunei. I have stayed in Kuala Lumpur for 7 years before, I should be able to fit in- I didnt.  Things move way faster, way more efficient that I could grasp what the whole idea was. Mrt routes confuses me. I didnt know you can use the Watsons card as the TnG card, Like a Kampung girl living in the city, minus the whole glamour from what you've seen on TV. 

I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Go back to square one and relearn the basics. Thank god I'm still able to initiate a conversation with strangers.

It may be a challenge but I know I need time to readjust myself. What I adore living in the city is that I get to be myself. Meeting different people from different walks of life intrigues me. Totally grateful that I have this side of me that wants to know people. That I know I can have a chance to get out from my shell.


Until then , Thank you for whom reading my journey.

Have a great day!


slow but surely.

Hello darkness my old friend... (2013)

I am horrible when it comes to expressing myself in words, let alone to be confident enough to express them by opinions in public.

Since i was young, i was thought to push everything down and deal with it quietly (like all Asians do lol). I grew up feeling like a rebel, struggling in the deep pond of emotions, unable to word out my thoughts.

Let's be real. I am a pessimist and I am comfortable with it. I am also a fucking shy person. I get fidgety and sweaty when people initiate conversations with me. Maybe i have a social anxiety? I'm not sure. But i would like to fix this!

I couldn't find a better time to face my fears till now ( like after 27 years?!). I came up with a list of things of actions to try and make my 2017 a year of self discovery and change.


Making Vlogs

 - I know this might sound like i'm using my issues to just obtain attention from others. One thing for sure is that I am afraid of facing a camera for even just a second. I must be crazy to want to list this down but I want to experience vlogging as it is a good idea to keep a record of my journey as a freelance illustrator while also overcoming my shyness.



- I am not confident in my ability to provide tutorials. I tend to go off track during my lessons. Perhaps I should try a short tutorial to get things started.


More Blogging

- I want to be able to share more than just painting or freelancing. Perhaps i could try sharing my experience with food and skincare as well?

These are some of the things I can think of as of now. I'm being hopeful to stay brave, take more risks and most importantly for the best.

I'm looking forward to discover more about myself.

To you who read this

: Thank you for listening, being part of my slow journey.

And to my future self

: I hope you get your back fixed and please be kind to your self!