what do you value in yourself?

How are you? 

I'm doing O.K. Still hanging, tinkering my way to work on myself as an artist. In fact, I'm in the midst of reflecting my values as an artist. 

I started disconnecting myself away from social media since the beginning of June. Away from numbers, views and fucking algorithms. To be frank all these pressure of posting content every week makes me demotivated. Makes it no fun of creating new paintings. It's really crazy how society view people based on their followers/ likes etc. I had to do something to enlighten the fire inside to create more art.

So i took the time to paint something experimental. Something I've never done before. If you view my previous blog entries, you know what i mean. 

gouache experimenting with summer vibes

gouache experimenting with summer vibes

potrait sketch3.jpg

watercolour portrait of a girl with similar neck lines much like mine. 

Always remind yourself to be better tomorrow than today. Persevere and you’ll get there.