New video! - Painting flowers on a cup!

Although this is a second video I've made- still nervous about it. And for that I made a few mistakes on this painting. ( le sigh)

If you watched my video, you'll notice I added a blue wash on the rose. That wasn't intended, I was feeling adventurous of playing with different colours instead of plain ol' red. I messed up so i have to cover it up with more Payne's grey and carmine. 

With all that is done, there's always next time to be better :D 

Enjoy my video below , and also there's a cut at the end of the video.  

Oh! a question for you guys! What should I paint for my next video?

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First watercolour painting!

I've always wanted to have my own Youtube channel for fun since years ago. One of my 2016 resolutions is to start taking initiative to do on what I always wanted to do. Although I lack the courage to post (which is mainly because I'm a very shy person), I managed to put that shyness aside and move forward.

The first video isn't always the great one but i'm glad that I did it. Probably going to make more short painting videos in near future :) 


...and just for fun's sake here's a doughtnut I painted exactly a year ago.

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