September sketches.

  September is the starting of autumn. 
I had cravings for ice cream, I miss the matcha softo from my visit to Kyoto years ago. Painting it makes me much more hungrier.

 Another experimental paint for mint chocolate chip ice cream. I personally think it would be better. But I have tried..
Pink soft serve. Can you guess what flavour it is?  hint: cherry blossom.

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September favourites 2015

1. Deep sleep pillow spray- There's something weird about this spray it gets really comforting when I spray it on my pillow before bedtime. This spray helps to keep me in a deep sleep, which is helpful for me to get away from looking at my phone before bedtime.

2. Carre de chocolat ( 70%) - I personally do not like chocolates- unless they're darker than 70%. The chocolates comes in a thin slice cube which is perfect for me not to feel overwhelmed with chocolate. 

3. Bossa nova - Always find it very relaxing while painting.

4.W&N cotman in intense blue- My favourite go to colour mix for shadows. Go ahead and try! 

5. Maste solid colour washi tapes in grey, yellow and turqoise - I love washi tapes and I cannot lie. 

6. Quitter by Jon Acuff -  I'm still halfway through this book. No doubt I like it because this book gave me a punch into the reality of reaching a job I ever want for so long. and once again, I'd still be persistent on painting.

7. red bean ice potong - Oh the nostalgia, perfect for hazy weather that we're facing in Malaysia/singapore/Brunei. 

I hope September was treating you well. Do share your favs here in the comments! 
P.s. Unfortunately I'm not joining inktober this year. I am currently cranking a lot of cool stuff for the month of December *hintprintshint* 

check out some of my other links! 
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