10 random things about me!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a great day today.I actually started this post a while back but I couldn't really make myself to finish it. You'll know why as you read on...

So here's some stuff you can get to know me :)

1) Although I seem to be active on social media. I'm actually a very shy in person. I admit that I have a hard time socializing with new people in real life. I can get too over friendly and too quiet. Sometimes it takes alot of effort to fit in small talks. I'm still trying.

2) I have a secret wish to have a half sleeve tattoo on my left arm since years ago. I don't know if I can ever afford that. Sleeve tattoos are expensive D:

3) I came to learn about watercolours in the late 2011. It started really slow for me as I have zero knowledge on paints and papers. It has a long story with it, maybe I can make a separate posts about how I got so into watercolours.

4) Blogging is something challenging for me to express myself out. So if you see less post from me , it is because each post took me a long while to make. Sorry!

5) One of my ultimate life goals in life is to be able to get a pet dog, a cat and a chicken. I want them to become best friends with each other.

6) My favourite colours are the colours of blues and greens.

7) When it comes to buying an item, It took me a week or two to decide whether this item is still necessary for me to 'invest'.

8) I enjoy day dreaming. Creating stories in my mind and just get carried away. I always do this during boring meetings at work shhhhh...

9) I have a weird satisfaction on sore muscles. especially burpees. oh I hate that I love them so much.

10) And lastly, maybe most people don't know this, I used to digital paint on anime characters when I was in high school (with a mouse). with photoshop 6 (i think) and i paint it in one layer. I remember my sister willing to help me erase the background white because the scanned image is too dark..Those were the good times ;)

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