watercolour illustrations - Autumn 2016

Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a great holiday season.

I painted these items that are related to Autumn ( at least from what i have searched on google) Never have I ever experience autumn season before but I do think Autumn is the season of the cozy! 

I had the most fun painting the scarf and the pinecone -in which I thought I might mess them up because of the details and all. I doubt myself in the beginning but look who finished it lol. self doubt is very toxic.

pumpkin spice latte with cookies

a pinecone and a carved pumpkin

cozy scarf


Old fashioned brandy- never gets old.

This is my favourite piece to paint on especially the bottom glass refraction.

Blood orange Margarita - That's a bloody one indeed.

Excuse my spelling mistake on 'Margarita'. This salt crystals on the rim of the glass took me longer than I thought.
Classic Mojito - I got that lime rum classic thing that you like.

One of my favourite cocktails.
I can imagine myself sipping on a tall glass of Mojito while watching the sunset.

Tequila Sunrise - Only available on sunrise lol

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