May Favs 2016 + mini reviews + making a tutorial?!

May Oh May, How slow it has been. I had a couple of bad moments, mainly from my day job that I am trying to like(ugh..). So.. I vent my frustrations on a game or two on DOTA2, and that was most of my time went to in which i am so guilty for it and I am going to work my way out. 

Anyways! Here's some stuff that made me happy on May! 
Not much of a art related post, i apologise! 

1. Uncharted 4 : The Thief's End   ( now this is the part when you might get bored a little, sorry! ) 
I don't own a PS4 therefore I watch the gameplay through radbrad . Seriously everyday I looked forward for his videos after work. I first know radbrad when I was searching for gameplay walkthrough for the uncharted 3 ( which I have played already!) and that was his first ever series uploaded in his channel! 

I love every bit of the detail in this game! the environment, storyline, prop design and the gameplay. I'd get myself a PS4 but i doubt i ever have time to play it. Probably next time :)

2. Pilot Wingel 0.5
I like how this pen goes on so smoothly on paper! I mainly use this for note taking and lettering doodles. 

3. 3ce lipstick in kiss woo. 
This goes under my impulse buy section. It was on sale and i never own a red lipstick before. I like how red it is for my lips but i'm still suck at getting the bold lip look. So i just apply a thin layer of it D: 

4. Innisfree eye shadows in Trend series # 15 and #20 
I'm learning to wear makeup to work everyday. Because I have to use it before it gets expire and i'll be guilty. These eye shadows are so beautiful. I like to use the shade #15 for base and  #20 for contouring my eyelids. 
You can find the swatches here 

5. Innisfree gel liner in Brown Suitcase
Another innisfree product! i absolutely fell in love with this liner. Doesn't smear on my oily lids and stays on for the rest of the day!  I got another liner in burgundy but i have yet to try. One thing you have to be mindful of is that you need to sharpen it manually, which sucked. 
You can get this baby here 

For the month of June, I want to try making a watercolour tutorial. so i need ides from you guys! What do you want me to do on the first tutorial on watercolours? Comment down or give me a hoot in my other social media links! 

I thank you! for reading my lenghtly post today. Thank you for being with me on this journey! 

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Healing stones : Paitning study


Painting stones can be challenging but eventually it turned out enjoyable than I expected. I have a bad habit to rush things out. So to paint stones it can force me to take my pace slow and steady.

The red Rhodochrosite took me longer as i was struggling to get the red's vibrancy. 


Titanium quarts


Celestite is my favourite stone to paint among all. just very therapeutic :D

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