[March favourites 2016 ] - I like my bun crusty on the outside.

March is going to say goodbye. It has been a great month. Got few commissions finished and I recently have more time to do some personal projects for my portfolio. Nevertheless, I am always open for commissions :D 

Here are a bunch of stuff that made my march amazing!

1. Hot milo 
Brings me back to my childhood days when I got too generous on sugar-intake. Milo is just my go-to drink when I just want some cozy in my belly.

2. Pineapple bun/ polo bun
I don't know how I got so into this bun. It's just my favourite 3p.m snack that is also bad for the hips. 

3. Aloe vera
I have very nasty dry skin spots around my knees, elbows and my fingers. aloe vera somehow works magic on my skin, except that you need to apply it multiple times a day. 

4. Polaroid sunglasses
A pair of shades is a must-have especially when you reside in a tropical country. I cannot stand the glare from the sun while driving and Polaroid type shades are the good choice to go for. 

5. Daler Rowney sketchbook ( A4 size)
By far my most favourite sketchbook ever! I've been using this mainly for watercolour practice. The paper is 160gsm which is reasonably good for watercolours. 
Guys, If you want to have a affordable choice for a watercolour sketchbook, pick this one! ***Malaysians you can get this sketchbook from Art friend.

6. Succulent plant 
They have a pleasant colour palette that is very therapeutic to paint. I used to have succulent plants on my desk but unfortunately they cannot survive in a air-con room :(
Do you know : that Aloe vera is also a succulent? 

Let's work hard for April!

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