May favourites 2015

This post has been on my drafts lately. I apologise for posting this a month late. I'll make another post to explain to you why. By the way the post below was written during June. Thank you for being patient :)


Sorry for the delay of this post.
The month of may has been a good ride. mainly onto my productivity in painting.

1.Insanity workout
I started this during the second week of May. Not going to lie this workout almost had me staying in bed for the whole Sunday.

2. Vietnamese coffee
I can't say no to coffee can I ?

3. mint leaves 
I have a small garden patch to grow mint. After 2-3 weeks later the mint leaves kept sprouting. I didn't know I have a green thumb lol. 

4. face masks
I have grown a little tanner recently. Although i dont mind being tanned 

Fact: I always buy lemons whenever I do grocery shopping.

6. old pencil.
I am pretty sure this pencil I got it since high school. If you are curious it is the staedler 'F' pencil.

7. size 1 round brush
Pretty good with detailing. TIP : always invest in good brushes. Winsor newton cotman is good enough.

8. Winsor and newton cotman watercolour tube in "Turquoise"
Perfect for painting leaves and the greens.

9. Daler Rowney aquafine watercolour tube in "Payne's Grey"
I recently find myself using this colour often. Especially when creating darker tones 

10. Cleanser - Balance Me 
Bought this during the Luxola sale. What I like about this cleanser is that it not only cleans your face well but also removes surface makeup ( powder, sunscreen) 

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