Hello ~! How are you reader, I'm now enjoying my umeshu while typing this blog post :) 
I hope you are fine.

My package from Japan came the other day. I compiled of list of things from  since november last year with the help of my sister whose currently residing in Japan. Pretty exciting to try these babies! Oh look at that gorgeous martin's ink bottles. *_*

From left: kuretake wink of stella pen brush (gold) , Pentel pen brush in black, Pentel brush pen, Pentel brush pen in grey and the refill cartridges.

I usually buy in bulk, to make shipping more worthwhile, or maybe because i'm a hoarder.. hmm..

Hoarder hoarder pants of fire.... 

I bought these two bottles, just because I couldn't make up my mind to choose one.

not pictured : W&N series 7 no.1 brush and's radiant watercolour ink set C.
I was already testing them out so i didn't take any photos of them.

Do share any thoughts on art materials and ask away any questions, I'll try my best to help :) 

Stay gold!