October & November favourites!

Look what we have here! A blog post? 

Actually i have lots of fav stuff to show but these are the summarized version for the two months. I've been very keen in skincare lately. Better skincare means less fuss on makeup heh. 

December is the month of self reflecting and also to remind myself some goals that I want to achieve.

Christmas is around the corner, be sure to keep warm and.. eat more! 

Favourite things in September.

I am late while posting this, my apologies to you!

A month gone by really fast. I learn a very important lesson - that is to slow down and enjoy the current moment. No worry about the consequences or the past. 

1. Luxury face oil -Jeanie Botanicals
This bottle was gifted by my friend for my birthday last year(Thanks Emma!).The term 'luxury' isn't a joke. It literally makes me feel so relaxed while applying just 3-4 drops on my face every night. And also I'm impressed how well my skin has gotten so glowy in the next morning. For very oily skin type , I highly recommend this to try it out!

2. Nelaton, my boyfriend, visits me.
Oh boy, things gonna get cheesy here. We have not seen each other since my last visit to KL last December. So it makes perfect sense why this goes to one of my highlight thing of the month :)
P.s : long distance relationship sucks. 

3. Xmen Apocalypse movie.
The movie was great. One thing that got me is this coming when Prof x. Xavier said this to Magneto- "There is so much more to you than you know". Man, that quote really got me thinking deep bout me life because I was really unmotivated to do anything at that time.

4. Two door cinema club - sun 
This song stayed in my head when I was painting. And it still is now lol

Although this is a rather short post, I'm drafting a few things about watercolour for y'all to read about. It would be helpful to tell me what you want to know more about ! Just leave me a comment or email me.

I hope you have a great day ahead! 

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A rather awkward monthly favs. post.

August was a weird month for me. Rather boring actually. I didn't do much painting, I guess it is because my lack of motivation and I was so bummed out with my day job. Quite a number of depressing days. Well I guess it's not normal to feel happy everyday.

1. Pentel Brushpen (gray)
I love how flexible the strokes i can get from this brush pen. I always use this to ink on my sketchbook during work. I also use this brush pen for inking my sept calendar 

2. Pentel pocketbrush
This is actually a impulse buy because it was on sale in amazon. I didnt get to use it until i realise how magical they can be when I ink my drawings. 

3. Kinako cookies (vegan)
I snack alot. Especially when I read mangas and watching dramas and SNL skits (big fan of Bill Hader!) But I cannot just stayhealthy with just store bought cookies. So I make them Kinako (roasted soybean flour) cookies. I also add heaps of matcha to make it even healthier. 

4. Ipod 
So I started to pick up running as a hobby . It was great. I like the feel of running aimlessly around my neighbourhood with music in my ears. I used to suck at it last year but ironically I can now (??). The ipod is actually 4 years old now. and still doing good. (Big fan of Foo Fighters btw)

I wish September will be a good month. at least more painting to look forward to :> I hope you are too. Chin up and look forward! 

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