August doodles : skulls + life

   August was a rather harsh month. Like a roller-coaster ride, travelling down the tracks endlessly with no end in sight. To pick up my brush to paint something leaving me feeling frustrated. Mind you I am pretty stubborn enough in my pursuit of art, until I realised I have reached the burnout limit.

My better half gave me advice to take a week away from painting. However, took me a while to get convinced that I need a break. Mainly because I was too obsessed with my progress as an artist.

Eventually I took his advice and boy, I'm glad I did.

My pause gave me clarity on understanding of my abilities and limits, I decided on improving my skills that I have been much afraid to face till this very moment.

I decided to give myself the challenge of drawing anatomy , particularly the skull. What I admire about it is of its irregular lines and organic shapes. Starting out with a few references which  gave a slight demotivating outcome. But overall with good practice, I think it's not that bad for a start.

Now onto the sketches!
The pencil sketch is the first one. I wasn't confident with the shapes yet hence the guidelines.

A few references from pinterest and some drew in their own expression.

My personal fav would be the side view. It just looked so badass.

Putting bright colours in it and a funny caption.

Here's the sketch of me trying to combine two elements : floral + skull

When you're stuck in a rut, always believe it shall pass - even if it feels like there's no end. Try to sketch out the things you're not familiar with and who knows you might begin to like it.

Random fact : Grey brush pens are awesome to sketch with. This is the brush pen I used to sketch out the silhouettes. 

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