Hsieying stuff : Currently stuff I use to paint

Hello! How are you?
I'm a little sleepy from a long day at work. Today's post is a rather personal one where you can sneak a peek over the stuffs I currently using for watercolour painting!

This month of February marks the 2 years of when I committed myself  on watercolour painting. Time really flies over and I am still learning to be the amazing watercolour artist.

When it comes to brushes, I always feel cozy inside I don't know ,I think I'm just excited to share this to everyone. These are one part of the collection I have for brushes. They range from a big size 8 to as tiny as size 4/0.  Bear in mind that you do not need expensive brushes to paint with. I'm just a curious person who loves to experiement with different brushes. Collecting new brushes is equivalent to getting new makeup brushes for your makeup kit 8D .The most frequent used brushes are surprisingly the Cotman and the Pro Arte brands. They're affordable yet suitable for my kind of painting style.

Brush sizes I always go for : size 1, 3 and 5 (round brushes) 

I take really good care of my brushes. those tubes are helpful to help the brush tip to stay in shape.You can already guess which brushes I have used often by the stains on the brush tips. :>

This is my new watercolour palette tin box that I ordered online.
I don't hold myself back when it comes to quality paints (now you can see where I spend the most from my salary '_' ) .As much as I love collecting brushes, I love to collect different watercolour paints. I started off with the Daler Rowney pocket box watercolour set back in 2014 and I slowly expand to different watercolour brands. Currently the paint that I have in this palette are a mix of mostly Holbein, Winsor and Newton and Old Holland.

Finding a good quality paper suitable to my style of painting is a very tedious thing to do. I have tried brands from Daler Rowney, Fabriano, Campap and a few more with no brands . So far I'm liking this Daler Rowney Graduate sketchbook 160gsm and the Cass art Hot pressed paper 300gsm.

I prefer hot press because of the smooth surface so it enables more details to be painted on. 

The three essentials for my painting milestone : a small dish for white ink (for highlights and corrections), glass bottle and a dirty rag ( don't worry I always try to wash it at least once a month)

Saving the best for the last will be my undying love for Coffee. I love mine with a teaspoon of honey and a splash of milk :) 

And there you have all the current stuffs I have been using recently. If you have any questions regarding my painting supplies, where to buy them, how to use them or maybe about my life just comment down below.

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Amazon.co.jp haul

Hello ~! How are you reader, I'm now enjoying my umeshu while typing this blog post :) 
I hope you are fine.

My package from Japan came the other day. I compiled of list of things from amazon.co.jp  since november last year with the help of my sister whose currently residing in Japan. Pretty exciting to try these babies! Oh look at that gorgeous dr.ph martin's ink bottles. *_*

From left: kuretake wink of stella pen brush (gold) , Pentel pen brush in black, Pentel brush pen, Pentel brush pen in grey and the refill cartridges.

I usually buy in bulk, to make shipping more worthwhile, or maybe because i'm a hoarder.. hmm..

Hoarder hoarder pants of fire.... 

I bought these two bottles, just because I couldn't make up my mind to choose one.

not pictured : W&N series 7 no.1 brush and dr.ph.martin's radiant watercolour ink set C.
I was already testing them out so i didn't take any photos of them.

Do share any thoughts on art materials and ask away any questions, I'll try my best to help :) 

Stay gold!