December Calendar 2016

Firstly, I have to send my apologies to whomever waiting for the calendar. But on the other hand, I finally resigned my job - which I disliked. Probably this might be on another blog post if y'all curious about it.


It is finally December - my favourite month of the year! First it is my birthday month and second- Christmas! Although Christmas is illegal in Brunei ( bummer!) I still can drink wine at home :D tucking under my blanky watching kdramas.

I hope you enjoy this last calendar of the year! 
click below to download full res.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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October Calendar 2016

Hello friends! 

It is October and I have prepared another calendar for you! It is kinda delayed because I ran out of ideas to try a simple approach to a minimal composition (i.e, I suck in composition) 

The month of October is the starting month of cozy sweaters, cute mugs and cookies and also , Halloween! (If you're wondering what are those leaves hanging around, they are cookies) 

Click below to download the full size 

****Also, please give me a shoutout or comment below if you're using my wallpaper! I'd love to know more feedback that can help with my calendar designs in future :)

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