brushpen | new brush | orange slices? | April Favorites!

1. " Alcohol " spray ( a mix of distilled alcohol 70% , melaleuca oil and eucalyptus oil )
I used it mainly to clean my yoga mat after a workout.

2. George Ezra- deep voice oh my...
My fav one that really grew in me.

3. Tombow Dual Brushpen - turquoise
I'm still learning to write fancy words :)

4. Winsor and Newton Cotman size 00
Helps detailing alot more easier.

5. Orange slices
I love it as a snack with my coffee :D

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Study sketches: Paint like Toucan do it!

Toucans are just too cute to not to paint. It's just very unusual to see birds with huge beaks which are lightweight. Here's some of my studies i painted on my sketchbook! 

Colour process is a little overwhelming with the use of payne's grey and ivory black. I was afraid if the colour can be too dark that it couldn't show any values in it.  ( never paint in a single value , it lacks of shape!) 

Mixing the blue and red values for the tail feathers is one of my experiment to make variety shades instead of just blacks. 

Anyway, there's always room for improvement! I'm happy enough to be able to play with colours which you can't really see from the reference. :) 

Have a nice weekend :-)

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