About me

Who is Hsieying?

I am a late 20 something currently living in a very small town in Brunei- which is nicely tucked at the coast of Borneo island. Currently working as a school teacher by daytime and an watercolour illustrator trying to break into the illustration industry. Graduated from The One Academy College, Malaysia in 2009 and worked in a VFX studio in Malaysia for 4 years.

Why watercolour?

Before watercolour, I was into digital painting. I started drawing during my high school times when Anime was a big part of my life. I felt there was no connection between me and my artwork because it doesn't feel like i put my visions wholeheartedly.I like to be more hand on with my medium.Thus that is how I got into watercolours.

Watercolour is my main medium to work with since late 2013. I have decided to stay with the medium of watercolor because i love how it affects different colors when it works together. I love the excitement of how different colours work together; the amount of colour tones and textures, the ability to portray light and dark,etc. To me as an artist, a paintbrush is the important tool to understand it's abilities. A strong connection between a brush and an artist produce a great artwork. (Of course colour is always important!)

keep doing on what you like to do - make good quality stuff to be proud of - always stay determined! 

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