Looking back to 2017 - grateful to be alive.

I miss blogging I really do. Blogging used to be my tiny hobby since college. This new year- hopefully I could spend more time to keep this blog space alive. 


Not everyone know that I left my full time job as a school teacher in Brunei to fully commit in a career that I've planned to do since 5 years ago.  

I was a high school teacher for a good 2 years. Wasn't trained to be one but I happened to be accepted. Didn't really like the job but for a half day work and more pay during the holidays, why not lol 

I taught Social Studies on year 7 ;)

I taught Social Studies on year 7 ;)


And so I finally quit being a teacher at the end of 2016, That is when I fully commit myself into being a illustrator in 2017 - guess that's a huge step for me to take in my life. 

Another highlight of the year is that I got married to my best friend of 10 years. I can tell you that our marriage is really isn't typical, at least that's what I found out so far.  But we're happy ;) 

To begin with, I knew freelancing life ain't easy. I knew there will be some shit going to happen. What I didn't expect that it affected my mental health badly.

Not going to lie, I've had a fair share of down times - financially. Most of my savings before I left my full time went to the apartment deposit and my spouse visa fees (blog post coming soon). Sure, It was a hell of a blow. Before I knew it, the stress affected my body, especially the horrible breakouts around my jawline that really brings my confidence down. I was stubborn to spend money on a derm. Because I was already broke! 

It is even difficult for me to share this to the world. But I choose to! 

Aug 2017- before I went to see the dermatologist.

Aug 2017- before I went to see the dermatologist.


 Finally convinced myself to visit a derm. Currently I'm almost at month 2 in iso-tretinoin. My breakouts were way lesser than before and I can worry less now.  Who would've known that acne really can ruin innocent lives. le sigh.



What is the good out of my 2017?  

I learned to love myself - be easy on myself.  Take advantages out of a bad situation, make out of it. And lastly, friendships can be found when you less know it - markets, workshops, restaurants, etc.

2018, I'm moving towards on making content on my youtube channel , I've always wanted to experience in making videos and random Vlogs. There are a lot of adventure's that I may not be able to do ( passport issues) ,I believe I could create something exciting for myself to be able to know to live life fuller. 


My goal on 2018 is to be confident in my own skin. Be positive and not to compare with others. To be open to more opportunities and always be grateful that I'm still alive being a freelancer.


More ideas for my blog in future I believe. As it can be as my journal.  However, this time, a rather disorganized post, lost to catch up probably. I'm not one of a writer type of person. I'll improve next time! 

I'm going to end this post with 3 things i'm grateful for: 

  1. Being able to eat healthy on a budget.
  2. Having that fire. Keeping that 'fire' in me burning.
  3. Having these setbacks that made me stronger.

What are your 3 things you are grateful for? 


Till then,