Participating markets ; what is progress?


On August 19th (Saturday) and the 20th (Sunday) , Hsieying Illustration debuted her first market in The boulevard,Publika. Despite being nervous in the beginning of the event, I seem to handle myself well. Time passed without me knowing when is lunch. Nervousness, excitement, exhilarating times had occupied around my mind to think otherwise.

Hats off to the vendors who has been in this market scene for a long time. Being in my booth for more than 10 hours is very tiring.

What I've learned from this market is 'progress'.

Self reflection on how far I have come from 'just a hobby' into a commitment I've kept as a career I'm currently pursuing. Progress on self confidence. I no longer feel as afraid of other comments regarding my paintings. A tad proud of them to show around but mindful to be humble always. Sincerity. I am beyond humbled to have people come to me and they tell me how they liked my works. How words can just make my day so easily I wonder.

Participating markets is always a good experience, rather a great fuel for my favourite hobby - people watching. To all my friends who came by for a visit - Thank you. Lyn, Elaine and Ming, Without you ladies I don't think I ever can kept my composure well. To new vendor friends, Ling, audrey, kahyan, sue ann ; it's been a great pleasure to have great conversations within the weekend. And to all the people who bought a print or two, you have a piece of my life in there. Not just a painting. But my life on a painting.


Day 2 on the Artforgrabs event.

Day 2 on the Artforgrabs event.