Firstly I would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!! Ushering the year of the dog, I'm not sure if it is a good year for me but i think as long as we're doing our best at something, it should be fine! As I'm typing this , I'm currently having a badly inflammed throat so I can't work. Might as well do my favourite thing to do - blogging yay! 

I'd like to update this blog for I have been away from social media since the first week of February . Reason being that

1) I accepted this rather big event job at a hotel on valentines day and

2) Celebrating Chinese New year in Penang for the first time. 

The St.Regis branch manager of The Brasserie reached out to me for a request to paint 10 paintings and be a portrait sketcher throughout the Valentines dinner. To be honest , I was too overwhelmed with all the questions I had in my mind. Whaaat? Hooww? 

Working for a 5-star hotel is something I have never see it coming. I had to take it. It took me about 4 days to finish ten A3 sized paintings (phew!) That really took my by surprise. I got too busy I didn't manage to take photos of the rest of the paintings :(

Even more surprising that I managed to penciled 20 portraits that night. Didn't manage to take photos because I was drawing the whole 5 hrs. It felt like a breeze.

The highlight of the night is definitely a lavish meal prepared by the chefs for us when Nel came to pick me up, we got invited for a glass of rose and some cheese. Can you imagine me being too overwhelmed with such luxury food? all the oohs and aahs , you know it.  

Ooo La La too fancy for me 

Ooo La La too fancy for me 

I guess valentines day spent legibly good. Not to mention with lack of sleep.

Next day, we had less than 5 hrs sleep to get on a bus to Penang. Flights are too expensive and driving to Penang with all the horrid traffic is unfavorable. So bus it shall be. We reached Penang in just 6 hours during CNY eve. We thought it wasn't that bad at all despite Nel's skepticism of an 8 hr crawl. First meal has to be my favourite indian restaurant - Sri Ananda Bahwan. Ordered Puri and Mango Lassi and bru coffee.

CNY eve yee sang - It was okay.

CNY eve yee sang - It was okay.

15th feb 2018 - 30 mins into midnight.

it really hurt my eyes!

it really hurt my eyes!

All sorts of firecrackers been blasting when clock reaches 12 midnight. Didn't managed to sleep much that night.

First day of cny, spent time with nel's family in the morning- afternoon, visited this Siam temple which is ridiculously crowded. Normally I don't really visit temples during CNY. But just for the experience, heck yeah I'm in!

2018-02-20 08.53.11 1.jpg

 We met up with Frank in the evening. His first time in Penang. We got to show him places where Penang is really lit. Walked around till my feet felt numb. We walked around towards Esplanade and to chew jetty. Walking at night is fun!

2018-02-20 08.53.09 2.jpg
eyes wide looking at these real fur and skulls. I like that cat better

eyes wide looking at these real fur and skulls. I like that cat better

Oooh you feisty!

Oooh you feisty!

Below are the series of photos from our exploration within the streets of Georgetown Penang. We found two speakeasy bars, a few cool shop lots and drunk angmohs and some shady place which is... adding some essence to this town. I managed to visit the market at Hin bus depot.Pretty chill place. Treated myself a cool ass henna tatt - that fades less than a week :( 

Penang has so much to explore for. Roadside hawker food is one of my fondest memory that I had experienced during my trip to Bangkok ( 16 yrs ago!) It's just so authentic, creates a personality that intrigues me on how these people hustle during the Chinese New Year holidays. 

We were pretty much "hawkered" out during the last day of our trip. so we went to the Rainforest cafe which is a stroll from the guesthouse. Nel's childhood place where he use to buy cinnamon breads when he was a kid. 

It's really nice to hear nel's childhood stories on fav food places and his school. We spent our time in Penang like a vacation rather than visiting relatives/friends. We just like to keep it low-key.

Left penang on a bus. Took us a dreadful 10 hr journey back to our sweet home. I can never forget how a hot shower can be so wonderful. lol.

Next trip will be to my sweet ol home in Brunei for Chap Goh meh. Till then. Stay tune :)