A rather awkward monthly favs. post.

August was a weird month for me. Rather boring actually. I didn't do much painting, I guess it is because my lack of motivation and I was so bummed out with my day job. Quite a number of depressing days. Well I guess it's not normal to feel happy everyday.

1. Pentel Brushpen (gray)
I love how flexible the strokes i can get from this brush pen. I always use this to ink on my sketchbook during work. I also use this brush pen for inking my sept calendar 

2. Pentel pocketbrush
This is actually a impulse buy because it was on sale in amazon. I didnt get to use it until i realise how magical they can be when I ink my drawings. 

3. Kinako cookies (vegan)
I snack alot. Especially when I read mangas and watching dramas and SNL skits (big fan of Bill Hader!) But I cannot just stayhealthy with just store bought cookies. So I make them Kinako (roasted soybean flour) cookies. I also add heaps of matcha to make it even healthier. 

4. Ipod 
So I started to pick up running as a hobby . It was great. I like the feel of running aimlessly around my neighbourhood with music in my ears. I used to suck at it last year but ironically I can now (??). The ipod is actually 4 years old now. and still doing good. (Big fan of Foo Fighters btw)

I wish September will be a good month. at least more painting to look forward to :> I hope you are too. Chin up and look forward! 

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