Homemade muffins still taste better :)

July is the month that I spent alot of my money on restocking my skincare products D:

1. NYX glam shadow stick in pink ruby
I bought this a few years ago, just because i like the grapefruit shade. Only recently I figured out how to apply this on my inner corners. It perks up my tired eyes in the morning at work sspecially when I wear glasses.

2. Most used colour for the month goes to.... Winsor and Newton Cotman's Raw Sienna!
I find myself going for this colour alot when I paint food illustrations.

3. Mizon Skin Repair Ampoule.
Really like how instant the product absorb into my skin.  No breakouts ever since.

4. Frozen fruits ( grapes and mangoes)
They just taste sweeter. my coffee snack actually.

5. Homemade Banana muffins.
I wanted to make some healthy snack for work, Muffins make a great substitute for my usual white bread for breakfast at work.

6. Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter.
I have dry skin problem around my knees and elbows and fingers. Not the best one I've ever tried, but its okay enough to keep my skin hydrated from flaking.

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