Birds in South East Asia

Disclaimer: I'm sorry this is a very backdated post. I totally forgot to post this up.

Some of my bird paintings based on the common bird species in South East Asia. I might add in to this series in near future.
Chestnut Munia

***fun fact: This black headed Munia used to be the national bird of The Philippines before the Philippine Eagle takes over.
Rhinoceros Hornbill

**They always appear at my backyard calling for their mate. It can be very noisy sometimes.

Oriental Magpie Robin

Fun fact: This bird species sing a lot. The males sang louder to attract females.
Zebra Dove

fun fact: They camouflage well on ground. (lol)

Progress shots

Over here you'll see some bad quality progress shots(for that I apologise). I didn't have the patience to keep in track of the progress shots as it sometimes kill my mood to continue. It's just my habit to keep painting while I'm in the zone. I wonder if anyone has this experience before. 

The magpie and the chestnut munia are my personal favourite to paint. I think because I understand how their feathers flow. However, the hornbill got me confused while adding the details on the feathers. I kinda hide my mistakes by adding more purple and blue :D

The zebra dove is the most tedious among all and it always made me procrastinate from continuing. The spots and the patterns got me overwhelmed. But  I managed!
Patience and listening to music got me through this process u_u

The process of painting is not all difficult. Actually not everything is difficult if you have the patience and the understanding of colour and form. But it takes a long time to understand. It took me a few years to understand that adding blue shades makes a great colour for details instead of adding black itself.
I still have my habit of procrastinating -which is unbeatable for now.

I am still a work in progress and I am enjoying the journey to improve myself.
I'm glad that you read my thought process in this blog and I hope you get to enjoy (or to be inspired?) reading it :D 


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