June has been good to me.

Hello Hello!

 I hope you've been good so far!
Not too late for a monthly favs yes?

1. Rainy Days.
The monsoon season has changed and we have more rainy days. I like to stare outside my window during heavy rain with warm coffee.  

2. Mangas ( pardon my rusty drawing, it has been a long while 'u')
I have alooot of mangas to recommend. 
Ask me for recommendations if you like shoujo mangas.  Ask me! 

3. Oh wonder 
 My favourite will be midnight moon  and livewire .

4. Documentary about Australian parrots
(psst. check out  34:11 )
I started to get interested in bird behaviors right when i painted a few birds this month. I think this can make a good conversation starter for awkward people like me.

Fun fact: The oldest cockatoo, which happens to be the palm cokatoo that can live up to 90 years!~ 

I've been spending my long Raya weekend with my family and less time in painting. So probably explains why I'm inactive in Instagram. Long weekends like this are rare so it is better to be grateful :D I hope you have a great weekend and stay happy!


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