February - My artworks/ sketches update

Hello! It is March already! 
I am looking forward for more projects this month. Just gotta hustlin

 February is pretty productive so far. Lots of doodling and study sketches.

 One of my valentines postcard print. I like how this turn out although I personally feel I can do better.

Another postcard print I created for Valentines day. I actually like how this turn out.

Doodled during the eve of CNY. Took me a good hour with constant distraction from my nephew :)

Reminder to self: always sketch out the spelling before diving in.
I actually filmed a video of me drawing this but unfortunately i filmed in a wrong format. Next time I'll film a better painting process for you guys '_' Sorry bout it.

doodles during my break time at work.

Japanese sweets - Wagashi 

Golden frames. Just a simple idea I had while painting commissions. I like it :D 

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