Tropical - January 2016

Hello! How are you? 

Today is the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year. Nothing much happening in the house. So I thought of updating my blog to show you what have I done for the month of January.

Unfortunately, January wasn't that productive to me. With a lot of happenings in my family- both life and death. It really stirred my emotions that I cant create new ideas. I will try my best to keep hustling for the coming months.

I was inspired by the big green leaves and tropical plants from visiting the Ipoh town. I would love to have a bunch of monstera in my garden.

Just a random ink sketch of how I want it to be on my arm.  I always wanted to have a half sleeve tattoo on my arm for years and years now but i'm just afraid of needles. But! Most probably will get myself inked... I hope ? 

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