Litte corner of my so-called studio

Hello !! How are you?
I'm currently sipping my second cup of coffee with some cny cookies. 
Today I felt like sharing some snippets of my process and the little corner of my room which i claimed it as my studio .

 I have this fancy thing towards succulents and peonies as they're very complex and elegantly beautiful to paint. It's just that I felt like I lack of understanding of their forms. I find it difficult to picture how peonies look like. 

 This peony that i painted was self referenced. It was alright i think. More to improve! 

 Using waterbrush to paint was a little bit challenging. I cant really do the same technique as how I did with a brush. The waterbrush I am using is the Kuretake waterbrush that comes with this small palette I got last year. It is a pretty decent brush to paint with while you're out. But I am spoiled with my Cotman and Pro Arte brushes. ;)

And here comes the photos of my little corner.

 top shelf- where I store art materials I seldom used and tea and some candles.
 Right next to my laptop-  Some stuff i use everyday - earbuds, colour pens, calendar.

 My favourite quotes and the cliche " I believe I can do it" quote that help me keeping in focus.

 Every morning I make a To do list just to keep my thoughts together.

My favourite- tigger

If you want to see more photos of my 'studio' or more process photos of how I paint, do comment below!
I hope you have a great weekend! 

From Ashley 

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