January favourites 2016

January is a rather eye opening month for me. I think i should make a new post about this..

Moving on!

Here's the things I like during January 2016 ! 

1. Innisfree volcanic facial wash.
Previously I used the hada labo facial wash, Didn't like it so I switch to a acne-prone facial wash. I like it that it comes in a big tube, enough to last me till july I hope.

2. Pukka three fennel tea.
I like teas with calming benefits. This tea helps with digestion and it smells great! 

3. my new watercolour palette.
I ordered this compact watercolour palette online and this is way more travel friendly than the Winsor Newton one. It can totally fit more than 30 pans which is very nice.

4. Lemon water 
I don't know why i'm so addicted to lemon water. I think it is because it tastes better than filtered water.

5. Kitchen timer. 
I recently trying to make myself more productive without any distractions ( watching too much youtube you see). So this method that I read somewhere suggests that the Pomodoro technique can help people to be more productive. So far I've been liking to use a timer and to paint more efficient than before. Also, it's a bear! 

Again, I apologise for being a slowpoke in updating this blog. I'm trying my best :)   

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