February Favourites + hsieyingsblog turns 1 !

Hellooo! How are you today? I'm alright. i think.
I'm sipping organic Rooibos tea while chillin on Odesza's rad album "In return" 

The month of February is going to leave soon. I can safely say I was pretty productive during February( just to get my head busy form all the bad things happened in January). So! I'm ready for March- new opportunities and personal projects coming ! 

The things that I like during February.

1. Watercolour 
Winsor Newton cotman in Intense Blue 
-I mentioned this colour again from this post last year. Still lovin it. In fact this colour is recommended for a vibrant blue hue. 

Holbein Watercolours in Mars Violet
-I like to use this colour as a shadow for flowers.  

Winsor and Newton professional watercolours in Winsor Green(blue shade)
-perfect shade for painting cheery vibrant leaves.

2. Brushes
Winsor and Newton Kolinsky brush no.1
-This brush didn't receive much love since I bought it out of curiosity. I gave in to try this brush again and well, it is one hell of a good brush. Perfect to make slick lines. Comic artists would love to use this brush to do linearts.  

Pro Arte synthetic brush no. 4/0 
-4/0 means 0000 which is four times smaller than a size 0. If you like detailing and painting cute small sized paintings. go for these kind of brushes. I used this brush mainly for highlights and detailing.  I often use Pro Arte brushes and been loving it ( and affordable too)

3. Half moon choker
-My sudden liking into chokers started when my bf gifted me a ribbon choker for my birthday but unfortunately i happen to lose it D: So i ordered a few chokers from this owner. I got this half moon choker as a free gift if you spend over $14 and few other cool stuff i bought from her. This half moon choker gives me the inner Sailor Moon vibes :D :D 

4. Begin Japanology documentaries
-I actually stumbled on these documentaries when I was searching for japanese stationeries on youtube. And that was how I procrastinate (kidding!). I love watching/listening to documentaries while painting. If you are interested in Japanese culture, here's the starting of your binge watching.

5.CNY cookies 
-No need for more explanation. I just cannot give up on cny cookies. Never.

Now i'm being a curious cat to know what are the things you like during the month of February! don't be shy to leave a comment or two below.

I hope you have a great Weekend! 

P.s//  Nothing fancy to shout about but...
How times have fled so fast and my blog is currently a year old! Still young but i'm looking forward to grow this blog as my journey as an artist!

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