December favourites + my thoughts on 2015 and life updates.

      It is the 3rd week of 2016 and I have not wished you a Happy New Year. I apologise as this post took me awhile to express out my review for 2015. How time scares me a little.

1. Thosai
I think nothing beats a great supper at the Mamak. It has been my great memory back when I was in college. My all time favourite thosai is rawa thosai!

2. Eat your kimchi channel
I had no idea how it started, I was on a binge watching all their videos. I love dr.memeersworth!

3. Cafe hopping + cakes!!!
I love coffee as much as cakes. But I'm a picky eater because they don't come cheap. The best cakes I've ever tasted has to be from Jaslyn cakes and also Whisk Espresso Bar and Bake shop and the xmas special sweet potato pie (shown above) from The kitchen Table

4. Hairclips
They look really cute on my short haircut. Yes! I have really short hair now!

5. KOI watercolour brushes
I recently got into brush lettering. I like how fluid the brush goes while writing pretty words. KOI watercolour brushes are indeed a good start to try brush lettering! Grab these awesome sticks from Stickerrific!

6. colourful lights
Christmas is my all time favourite holiday. When there's Christmas there's always pretty decor and fancy lights. It just feel so cozy inside.

Read more on another lengthy post?

I am glad 2015 is over.
2015 is one heck of a year. A hell of a ride.
I had my fair share of  ups and downs. Nevertheless I managed to get out from the bad times and took it as a experience for being an adult.

2015 has come to an end and I'm a bit disappointed with how much I have achieved. At the start of 2015, I wanted to be a amazing artist! I set my bar up too high and been hard onto myself. I want to continue working hard creating more artworks. But something terrible happened that got me being numb at everything. Wouldn't even want to recall those thoughts I had either. ( you'd probably see the lack of updates since may-july)

I felt like there's no point for me to be positive anymore because it felt like I don't deserve it. You could say that I was in some sort of depression. My bf talked me out of it . . Long story short I took a week of just doing nothing and managed to pick myself up to create more paintings towards the end of 2015.

(I have to stop here because I didn't want to bore you with more of my dark times. We need some positive vibes here!)

One highlight of 2015 was that me and my friends setting up a booth in Comic Fiesta 2015. It was a very impromptu decision and we're not ready to sell as much as we planned. Although I did made a few mistakes on the market research for CF, at least I'm able to meet people who support our stuff!

Once again Thank you 2015 for giving me a hell of a time! 

Closing a chapter of my life, it is time to leave it behind for the new Chapter.

For my 2016, I promised myself to make a change. A change that would force me out from my comfort zone. To have more courage. To be more vulnerable. And most importantly to be better than who I was before.

Well, I am very impressed you read this far. can I just say you're amazing?! Because you are!

I'll see you soon onto the next upcoming post!

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