October favourites + extra painting tips.

October favourites

1. Coconut iced coffee
What happens when you want something hydrating and a energy booster drink ? It becomes double awesome! 

2. Wild Witamin c Ester facial creme.
I don't really splurge on skincare items as I believe it won't do much justice on my oily skin. However I stumbled onto this as I was searching for something organic and affordable and most importantly that can last me for months. Although the creme might be a little to the richer side, i haven't experienced any clogged pores ever since I started using this.

3.  W&N Cotman Cerulean blue & old holland green earth 
can't help it, I just love to feature my favourite colours of the month. I like to mix these two colours to create pastel like leaves/ vines.

4. Cass art Hot press paper 300gsm
If you like detailing then you might like painting on a hot press paper ( which has a smoother surface than cold press)
It is not easy to find hot press paper around malaysia for and affordable price. I bought a few gummed pads from cassart.com

5. Baked potato fries.
How can one not resist fries ? i have mine baked please.

6. Peaceful cuisine  
hearing the ambient sounds in the kitchen is oddly satisfying. His videos are so artistic and calming. a video i first watched when i was searching for recipes to make a iced latte variations.

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