August Favourites 2015 + updates on life

I know this has been a very unexpected post. I've been away from the blogging scene for a few months now. My family is currently going through a tough time. My dad is currently hospitalised since the month of june. That's why I have not made any posts since then. I do face alot of ups and downs especially my doubts upon what i'm doing with my life. (let's not get too detail on that) 

But I'm keeping myself positive all times, read more books, eat well and exercise so I can keep my negativity away as possible.  

some stuff i really like for the month of august

1. Keep cup - my fav colour is green. so is the barista who intro this to me. we are happy campers.

2. Iced coffee - it's good for hot afternoons.

3. Kettle chips - Honey Dijon and sour cream and onion mm hmm

4. Key & Peele - my very fav esta  loco

5. Canon g7x 

6. Durians and lots of durians  - local durians are the best

7. W&N cotman brush size no.8 

8. W&N gold brown and rose opera - colours I've been using a lot lately

9. TED talk  - some vids i really love :
-.for introverts
-.for anyone who wanted to find their own style more mindful less distraction.

I'm trying my best to keep my blog alive as possible. I'll be posting up my sketches every now and then.

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