Things happen for a reason

                 As cliche as it sounds, it really does happen a lot in my life. One of the recent things that made a huge impact in my life would be the death of my 1 year old laptop.  

        As you know from my recent posts from twitter that i kinda get dramatic over this loss and my cold-turkey from my addiction to gaming. What happened that made my laptop died instantly was infact from a overheat issue from the motherboard...and the coffee spill actually gave the deathblow to it. 

          I was very mad at myself for being so slow in reacting. Perhaps the thought of spending big bucks on a new laptop freaks me out. Anyway, what brings me into enlightenment is that I started being more productive and more time spent away from my laptop. So I thought this may serve as a lesson to me - a pretty pricey lesson. To value time and the little things around you. I slowly forgive myself and continue to strive on. Time won't justify grudges. It just poisons you instead.

             It wont be long before I can save enough to get a new one - I hope. I'm giving myself a good month or two to fully focus on improving myself and my time management skills.

So to make things briefly. What I've learnt from this big mistake: 

1.Learn to forgive is something you should do before loving yourself. 

2.Holding grudges poisons you instead. So let it go.

I'm sorry if this post isn't helpful to you. I think I need awhile to express myself through blogging. Give me time :D 

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