April Favourites !

It is May 1st today and to those who are working, Happy Labour day! 
can you believe we're almost reaching the half year of 2015. That is very insane! 

My time during April started off pretty good but towards the end I faced quite a number of hiccups.
I'd probably talk about it in later posts.

A number of things that made me happy recently :)

1. Sleep
Not everyone can understand the luxury of sleep. To me, sleep is something I highly appreciate.

2.more pens! 
I recently found a case of coloured pens from muji that I bought few years ago. Cannot believe why I left it in the closet. It is a good pen for sketching too.

3. streaming music from 8tracks 
Listening to music is one of my inspiraton to get ideas to draw. Especially the happy indie music playlists. This one is one of my favs.

4. Steamed bun
I just like buns in general. I love them get toasty in the oven so you can get this crusty skin on the outside and juicy inside. yum!

5. Face mask 
They help me feel alive again for 20 mins. I like them cold from the fridge.

6. Hair pins
The must have for long bangs. Especially during workout. They fly around my face and that can get very annoying.

7. my own customised ink
I couldnt find a reddish brown colour of my liking. so I did some mixing- with browns, yellows and reds. I'm using this ink for the drawing above too :)

8. scones - cranberry scones mmmm...
my current favourite teatime snack. Best eaten during a rainy afternoon with bitter coffee. mmmmm...

9. Hand cream - currently using L'occitane cherry blossom 
It's really important to keep your fingers hydrated. Mine always get dry and it sometimes develop into cuts which is very painful when I paint.

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