March favourites + thoughts

Whoa it's April already ?! 

some stuff that I've been liking this march

There are often times when I get a lot of free time at work. To make my free time less boring I downloaded a few e-books *ahem* to read. Reading this book inspired me to learn how to step up my game in making decisions and also taking opportunities. 

2. First aid facial cleanser
This cleanser is for lazy people like me that can remove makeup/sunscreen. I like. 

3. Chocolates
I love bitter chocolates.

4. Washi tapes
I'm not embarrassed to say that I love hoarding washi tapes. They're like little gems that look like treasures in my eyes. my current favourites - gold polka dots and the red stripes (??) 

5. coloured pens 
Another obsession - collecting coloured pens. I have no idea why they look like precious stones to me. But i love using this pink one from zebra serasa. pretty smooth writing for journals. 

6. watercolour ink - 36C Hyacinth Blue 
I always reach for this colour whenever i paint. It's a very pretty violet on a cooler tone. perfect for painting night skies and galaxies.

7. sunscreen
In my country, where we have tropical climate, it is very crucial to have sunscreen on. I learnt this lesson when I found out I have brown spots on my face. Those who have oily skin, try this one!  

8. Copic markers
This drawing was coloured using copic markers ;)

9. Steven universe
This show got me growing inside whenever a new weekly episode comes. Even the theme song is playing in my head now. 

I like mine with almond milk . Whats yours? 

11. mint
 I love adding mint leaves, orange and lemon slices into my detox bottle. Makes water even refreshing *u*

March has been a interesting month for me. mostly on self-discoveries and lessons learned in life, the emotional ups and downs ,having major art blocks. But it got better when i took the leap on trying out things I don't usually do.

     I use to draw faces and flowers alot, but I figured that I enjoy drawing florals and cute stuff too. Often at time I thought this might be very conflicting despite the discovery that I enjoy the style I am adopting now  compared to the one I had before. I was very clueless of what I really want and this goes on for days ( thus artblock happened).

    I had no idea how I managed to get out from the art block. But i took away something from it and that is that I should not limit myself to one method but freely explore different ways instead. Keeping an open mind is important and let that style in you emerge out as you put more effort in it. :)

By the way! 
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