February Favourites 2015

Some stuff that made my february happy

1. Hair tie
My hair grew longer as weeks gone by. So i can't live with hair ties. Or maybe I should just chope em short..

2. Wet n wild megaslicks balm stain.
I admit i like to put some colour on my lips. But i don't fancy lipsticks as it tends to dry my lips. So a balm stain it is! another favourite will be the Revlon kissable balm stain !

3. MD diary notebook
My art diary. Where I plan out stuff to look forward too, goals to achieve and setting deadlines planner kind of thing. This planner helped me writing out my ideas and it does help me churning out doodles because of the smooth paper.

4. W&N cotman tube.
in shade "madder rose" a slight pinkish red. perfect for blush and soft pinks

5. W&N no.4 brush
This brush is good! pretty flexible enough to draw nice lines :)

6. Mono eraser
I bought this eraser during college time ( about 5 years ago?) i didn't get back to use this until recently. I had too much love for erasers till i can't bear myself using them.

7. Pukka tea - cleanse
Ahhhh tea. Such a serene word

8.almond cookies 
February is the month of the lunar new year! meaning you'll find a lot of yummy cookies and traditional snacks around the house. My most favourite one among all must be these almond cookies. YUMS

9.Tombow mono Zero eraser 2.3mm
I have this obsessive habit towards erasers. This is one of the things that caught my eye and i had to get it! This eraser is my go to eraser when I want to make detail sketch or line cleanup. it's soo tiny it can erase the tiny corners. That's something i don't have to fret much.