Artist block - How did I cope with these monsters?

This post actually took longer than I expected. Probably it's my noob attempt to blog properly. Give me more time to practise this heh.

Every once a while these monsters can crawl up into you that possibly drains your passion out from your heart. Maybe after a project you just don't know what to do next, or having the self- doubt thoughts hitting in. or maybe you start to feel that you no longer enjoy what you're currently passionate about.  

I currently have this "artblock" moment since last week. Couldn't get good night sleep, having too many thoughts clogging up my mind. Usually my art blocks come and go naturally, when I am able to find new ideas to get inspired and such. 

But this time is different.This art block is too evil right in the core, which forces me to look in my underlying problems.

1) Making excuse to avoid the problem
I treat art blocks as a sign that I should ignore it and leave it till the day after. In this case this actually means me getting away from the problem itself. 

2) Self-doubts
 I draw because it makes me happy. But as I progress further, I'm pretty serious to produce more quality art to prep myself in becoming a indie illustrator. From there I unconsciously began to doubt myself that I can reach my ultimate goal. Well you know I think alot....

3) The wall
one of my greatest fears being the preverbial wall is in being able to move onwards and to adopt new changes to myself.

3) being a perfectionist 
This I am very surprised to find myself being so critical of the small irrelevant details. I'd say this is one of the main things that trigger the monster in me. I have my pride in my work and I take care of every details in it.

4) Being impatient
I'm pretty patient when it comes to painting but the irony is this - I disregard everything besides painting. I skip my everyday workout routines, I don't keep in touch with friends that often and I skip on my reading routine too. It's my terrible mistake to have this kind of habit. I got too into painting until it actually became a chore for me.

For some reason, I felt grateful to have this so called art block. It taught me to acknowledge myself more and give in to my terrible habits.

and now comes the bright side 'u'

I managed to come up a few ways to clear this monster out from my mind. Pretty simple but not easy for me actually, especially for a stubborn person like myself...

1) READ!!!!
Okay time for a confession - I never likes reading. Not until 3 years ago when I met a well-known artist whom I looked up to for gave me this advice and I still remember it very clearly - "never stop reading good books" she's my biggest inspiration that got me realize my inner passion to create art.

Reading helps me a lot! especially when it comes to biographical books. I like to wonder about their lives and imagine how it be if i'm in their shoes.

2) Sectioning your thoughts out.
This point here helped me alot. It is my natural habit to think haphazardly and that can mentally blow up my mind. Since i enjoy enjoy journaling , i try to write down my thoughts that my mind is thinking. And then I section them into categories which worries me alot. From there, I slowly write down a logical way to solve it.

Just an example of how I did mine ..

    problems                                                Solution
I'm scared to waste time                      make a priority list
I can't think on what to draw next         Read a book, relax and doodle etc
I cant find my style                      Keep practising, do not compare yourself with others.

3) deadlines
 I am very terrible at keeping self impose deadlines. I always end up procrastinating them. But recently i kept a discipline mindset to be serious on my own work, even if it's just a doodle. To make sure that I put my whole effort into something I dearly value of. Give yourself a reasonable deadline is also a good practice before you venture out to do freelance in future

4) Talk to someone
This is something that I'm most grateful of. Mind you I don't really have much friends to talk to. So to have someone to clearly direct my problems with is something really special to me. If you cant find anyone to talk out your problems with. I'm willing to listen :)

One of my experimental painting to get out from the monster in my head. Just splat colours and let it do its magic ;)

I do hope my tips can help you through this nasty monster out from you. I'm still learning day by day to be a better person. In fact I do think I have a lot more things to learn about myself.

I hope you have a great day ahead :)
Stay gold and keep hustlin'! 


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