January Favourites 2015

Inspired from favorites videos from YouTube , I figured maybe i could share some of my favorites here in drawing form. But I'm not a 'makeup guru' but a person who loves to draw. I add in some random stuff I really adore as per month ;)

So I have some of my favourite things that made me happy inside

1. Tv show : Bob's burgers
 It is one of the shows that i highly appreciate the animation details. Coming from a animation background i do know how tedious 2D animations are created. Thus how amazing the artists try to put so much life into these characters. Story plot obviously puts off a lot of face-palm moments, but i didn't mind much about that. I love gene. He sometimes reminds me of how my bf looks like when he's a kid ( haha!) 
2. Innisfree Green tea serum
This stuff is so good it actually makes my skin less oilier than usual. Light texture, refreshing smell. I've used up half of the bottle for 2 months now. Might want to repurchase this gem!

3. Innisfree eco brow pencil
I couldn't find a affordable brow pencil , not until i find this that is so reasonably priced. I'm a little reluctant to buy expensive cosmetics. 

4. Rohto ChuLip lipbalm
I bought this lip balm to reminiscence my moments with my beloved eos lip balm when i was in Malaysia. Very moisturizing, a good staple product to be placed at my work desk but it's a tad pricey.

5. Sakura watercolour pocket field sketchbox
This was a gift from my dear friend who's currently residing in the states. These palette is really good to begin with, pigmentation is above average ( W&N is better ) . Sometimes it might take a lot of strength to pickup a very pigmented colour off the pan. Sorry I have a bad sense of explanation. 

6. Blogilates detox bottle
Don't judge me. I actually bought this on impulse. I was fascinated by the infuser benefits with this bottle. I gave in that idea and bought one for myself to try. So far I've been using it everyday. I always put lemon slices and cucumber in it on the night before and let it refrigerate. I do find my tummy got flatter than before too.

7. Muji colored pens
I picked these up initially for journal purposes. I was amazed how smooth this pen can glide on the surface and i find myself searching for these pens for doodling.  

8. Tea tree oil
It's pretty humid and always sunny here in Brunei and thus of course the mosquitoes. So I often dab a few drops on my knees and elbows, where those mozzies tend to bite at. I really helped me going through the 'summer' days. It also serves a good killer for acne ;p

Although this is a rather late post. I'm adding it here to somewhat 'opening' my blog (??) Please do look forward for more updates here in my blog soon :)

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